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Grief Counseling

Grief/Loss is difficult to process. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. Sometimes these feelings linger and hinder your ability to focus or gain momentum in your daily living, and you begin to feel yourself drift away. In these difficult times, therapy can be a medium of compassionate care, which promotes the process of healing.

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Life Transitions

Whether you are prepared for it or not, transitions prompt us to reexamine our present way of being and force us to face new circumstances. Whether it be marriage, a new baby, retirement, divorce, or the empty nest syndrome, with change comes resistance. In the midst of chaos, therapy can help you find your way to a new beginning.

Serious Illness

An unexpected diagnosis can push your traditional ways of coping to the edge. Your ability to respond to new information affects how you approach treatment. When you’re anxious, unsettled, and not sure how to cope, working with a therapist may help you adjust to the diagnosis, medical treatment, side-effects, or pain related to serious illness.


​Invisible. Numb. Guilty. Sad. Lost. Alone. The negative thoughts associated with a constant inner struggle can lead to devastating affects in many aspects of your life. There is hope and working with someone you trust may help you open doors to find it. Therapy can be about challenging negative thought cycles, recognizing old patterns and learning how to control the quality of your thoughts. 

Your counselor at Emerging Light Counseling, Natasha Kaycee, knows how important it is to find a therapist you can really connect with and trust. People come to us for a diversity of reasons:

When pain and problems are suffocating

Counseling can feel like opening a door

Chronic Pain

When chronic pain hinders your daily activities and dampens your ability to enjoy life, the last thing you want to hear is, “It’s all in your head”. Working with a counselor can help you understand your pain as a whole. Therapy can empower you to effectively communicate what you’re feeling, and help you to separate your pain from suffering.


If you've struggled with releasing anxiety and still haven't been able to sustain inner lightness and ease, therapy can help. Using mindfulness and other therapeutic interventions, you can learn how to identify your triggers and understand what is happening in your mind and to your body. Position yourself to regain control.